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Why people fail

Why People Fail

Success. It’s what so many people strive for. It’s been the subject of much study in recent years. Think of all of those personal development courses, CDs, tape sets, and books. Recall the sports psychologists during the recent Olympics. What about the business coaches walking in and out of office buildings every day.

But what about studying why people fail?

My good friend, Siimon Reynolds, has just released a new book that deals with this very notion. Why People Fail outlines sixteen common obstacles of success and how you can overcome them. Whether it’s stress, mistaking IQ for EQ, low energy levels, or a lack of persistence, Siimon explores why people fail and provides ideas on overcoming them. I particularly liked his chapter on daily rituals. Whether it’s clearing your desk, prayer, learning a new language, or planning for tomorrow, by incorporating these tasks into daily rituals, you can make a significant impact on your life over a period of time.

So if you’d like to get some great tips on avoiding failure, get a copy and read it.