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What love does


It’s amazing to see what love does. Last month, I celebrated with some friends who got engaged after seeing each other for only two weeks. While they had met over five years ago, they hadn’t stayed in touch, and upon re-connecting, they felt they were made for each other. After spending a lot of time together during the two weeks, they decided to get engaged quickly.

Earlier today, another friend showed me an expression of love. He’s now seen his girlfriend for two months and has been visibly (and emotionally) impacted: he talks about her; he thinks about her; all the time. As an expression of his love, he got her name tattooed onto his chest this weekend. While I’m not too keen about getting a tattoo emblazoned on my chest, I understand his sentiments.

Are women getting unhappier?

ChoiceMaureen Dowd, a New York Times columnist, has written an interesting piece this week on the state of women’s happiness. While prosperity may have made men happier, and this happiness seems to increase over their lifespan, the opposite seems to take place for women. Their level of happiness peaks earlier, and gets lower as the years roll on. Could it be that our society, that places so much emphasis on appearance is the cause? Is the staggering range of choice in this heterogeneous world responsible for decision anxiety which leads to stress and unhappiness?